Wicket doors

Construction features

  • Rebated door construction 
  • 22 mm threshold rail (e.g. for parking ramps in underground garages)
  • Wicket door opening in both directions, depending on the source of danger (also in the opposite direction of opening)
  • optional glazing: standard dimensions 465 x 815 mm, max. special dimensions 500 x 1000 mm

Overhead door closer

  • Slide rail overhead door closer HDC 35 as standard
  • optional integrated overhead door closer ITS 96


  • Three-way adjustable hinges for easy adjustment of the door
  • Optionally in stainless steel or RAL to choose

Lock variants

  • Mortice lock for fire-rated and smoke-tight doors according to DIN 18250 (BKS 1206 as standard)
  • Optional panic function acc. to EN 179 or EN 1125 for wicket door opening into the reveal


Tortec sliding doors can optionally be equipped with angular or round glazing variants.

The glazing beads are delivered in galvanized steel as standard and come with a powder-coated primer in one of 7 preferred colours or RAL to choose to match the door surface.
On request, the glazing beads are also available in stainless steel V2A, 1.4301 or in a colour different from the door colour.
Glazings for Tortec sliding doors are available for both door elements and wicket doors.

Surface-mounted stainless steel profile V2 A, 1.4301

Hold-open device

Acoustic and visual alarm system

In addition to the standard alarm system with acoustic signal only, an optional variant is available with visual and acoustic signal acc. to DIN EN 14600 (see illustration).