Acoustic and visual / acoustic alarm system

In addition to the standard alarm system with only an acoustic signal – already included in the FSAFLEXControl – an optional variant is available with both a visual and acoustic signal in accordance with DIN EN 14600. This visual / acoustic flashing light is controlled by the FSA-OAW control (see illustration) in conjunction with the FSA-FLEXControl.



Visual fire detector H-RM-4070

The visual fire detector works according to the familiar scattered light principle. The remarkable flat design of the fire detector allows smoke detection across a wide range of fires. The sensor compartment contains a visual sensor capable of measuring both reflected and normal scattered light. The stability of the detector is further enhanced by the use of algorithms that decide when the detector changes to alarm status. This reduces the likelihood of the alarm being triggered by smoke without a real source of fire. The detector is approved in accordance with EN54-7.

Thermal detector H-TM-4070

The thermal detector H-TM-4070 measures the ambient temperature every two seconds. A microprocessor stores the temperature measurement data and compares it to the preset limits to determine if a preset maximum value – the alarm threshold – has been reached. The detector is approved in accordance with  EN54-7.