Advantages at a glance

These doors are characterised by their high thermal insulation, fast opening speed and light grilles. The hot-galvanized, double-skinned sections with an elegant micrograin surface finish are guided into a spiral or into tracks without contact, depending on the version.

1. Space-saving construction

It doesn't get more unobtrusive
Discreet guide rails with dimensions 80 mm x 70 mm ensure unobtrusive side guide of the fire-proof textile curtain. The shaft with integrated tube motor in a space-saving shaft housing of only 250 mm x 280 mm is suited for various fitting variants such as wall and ceiling fitting.

2. Self-learning control unit FlexControl

Hörmann FlexControl
The Tortec textile fire and smoke protection curtain must be operated with a hold-open device acc. to EN 14637. Visual smoke sensors monitor the door area and ensure reliable closing of the curtain if smoke is detected. The control unit can also be connected to the building's fire alarm system. The system can be completed with an optional battery pack for bridging power failures and an automatic teach-in run.

Fully automatic teach-in run
The FlexControl control unit can optionally be ordered with magnetic contact units. In combination with the line-monitored tube motor, this allows a fully automatic teach-in run with no mechanical adjustment work required.

3. Surface finish on request

Variety of surface finishes
For higher visual and aesthetic requirements, Tortec offers the guide rail, shaft cover and bottom strip in RAL to choose or in a special colour.
For fitting situations that have to comply with fire and smoke protection regulations as well as hygiene regulations, the shaft cover can be supplied in stainless steel V2A, 1.4301, with K240 grain or circular finish.

4. Patented guide rail for quick fitting

To enable a quick fitting, the door shaft is already assembled with the tubular drive at the factory. The optional plug-in pre-assembled wiring results in a particularly installation and service-friendly door system.
The guide rails of our FlexFire and FlexSmoke curtains come in one piece for easy fitting. 

Detailed quality

Fire and smoke protection curtains with patented guide rail and smart control unit

1. Guide rail

Tortec FlexFire and FlexSmoke curtains are available with a patented single-unit steel guide rail as a galvanized version. Optionally, the guide rail can also be supplied in RAL to choose.

2. Textile curtain

The textile curtain consists of a special grey glass filament fabric reinforced with V4A wire. This fabric has been tested as a system unit for a smoke load and fire load up to 120 min. Textile curtains can be integrated with architectural specifications and have functional flexibility. They are distinguished by their low weight and small space requirement.

3. Shaft cover

Depending on the fitting situation, the shaft cover is integrated either visibly or invisibly into the intermediate ceiling. On request, the surface can be coated in RAL to choose or stainless steel V2A, 1.4301, K240, polished or with circular finish.

4. Integrated tube motor

A high-quality tube motor ensures quiet and smooth operation when opening the door assembly. All connection leads to the FlexControl control unit are plug-in connection leads.

5. FlexControl control unit

The Tortec FlexControl and tube motor have been tested according to the latest DiBt guidelines and meet the respective specifications. The control unit can optionally be fitted with a battery pack to bridge short power failures or with additional magnetic contact units for a fully automatic teach-in run.

6. Bottom strip

In the case of smoke detection, power failure or manual activation, the textile curtain is closed mechanically via 2 solid bottom strips which act as closing weights.

7. Magnetic contract unit

Optionally, the control unit can be equipped with magnetic contact units for a fully automatic teach-in run.
The prepared plug-in magnetic contacts are integrated and concealed in the guide rail and shaft cover.