Wicket doors without threshold

Wicket doors without threshold – also approved for smoke-tight sliding doors!


Construction features

  • Rebated door construction without threshold rail
  • optional threshold rail 22 mm (e.g. for parking ramps in underground garages)
  • with smoke protection function up to 20 m2 door surface
  • up to 2 wicket doors per door leaf
  • wicket doors opening in both directions, depending on the source of danger (also in the opposite direction of opening)
  • clear passage
    • EI230: up to 1000 x 2000 mm (standard)
    • EI230: up to 1200 x 2000 mm (according to the requirements of the high-rise policy HHRL M-V)
    • EI290: up to 1000 x 2000 mm
  • optional glazing: standard dimensions 468 x 815 mm, special dimensions max. 500 x 1000 mm

Wicket door monitoring via radio  //NEW

  • Radio transmission with magnetic contact and transmitter in the door leaf
  • separate receiver with wall mounting
  • optional latch switching contact and electric strike (signal transmission system with concealed wiring and spiral cable at the end of the door leaf)

Overhead door closer

  • Slide rail overhead door closer HDC 35 as standard
  • Optionally integrated overhead door closer ITS 96


  • Three-way adjustable hinges for easy adjustment of the door
  • Optionally in stainless steel or RAL to choose

Lock variants

  • Mortice lock for fire-rated and smoke-tight doors acc. to DIN 18250 (BKS 1206 as standard)
  • Optional panic function according to EN 179 or EN 1125 for wicket door opening into the reveal

Approved wicket door variants


Tortec sliding doors can optionally be equipped with angular or round glazing variants.

The glazing beads are delivered in galvanized steel as standard and come with a powder-coated primer in one of 7 preferred colours or RAL to choose to match the door surface.
On request, the glazing beads are also available in stainless steel V2A, 1.4301 or in a colour different from the door colour.
Glazings for Tortec sliding doors are available for both door elements and wicket doors.

Surface-mounted stainless steel profile V2 A, 1.4301

SupraMatic HT operator //NEW

Fire sliding doors with door leaf weight up to 800 kg which are to be opened and closed several times a day can be fitted with the fast and convenient SupraMatic HT operator.

The operator is maintenance-free and particularly suitable for areas with high traffic

  • Fast opening and closing during daily operation
  • Comfortable to operate with hand transmitter, push button or key switch
  • In the event of fire, the operator is released by a patented compensator release system
  • Reliable closing of the fire sliding door by weights in the event of fire
  • External control 360 with optional functions such as automatic closing, second opening width ½/Open and use of traffic lights

Schnetz opening aid

Automatic door opening with press-and-hold operation. The integrated hold-open device ensures that the door leaf is secure in the open position. The door is closed via closing weights by actuating the hand button.

The opening aid is maintenance-free and optionally available with a key switch. It is ideal for opening large doors.

Chain drive operator ITO 400

Chain drive operator ITO 400 is suitable for doors with weight 800 - 2500kg. For use in dry rooms and commercial applications.

The operator is maintenance-free and particularly suitable for areas with high traffic. The ITO 400 is available with press-and-hold operation "Open-Stop-Close".

Recess flap and ceiling flaps

The solution if sliding doors have to be inconspicuously integrated in the wall and ceiling. 

A vertical recess flap blends the inlet and outlet areas of the door. The minimum recess width is 180 mm.

In the lintel area, the tracks can be horizontally blended with a ceiling flap. This is closed manually. It is opened automatically via control.

Recess and ceiling flaps are also available for telescopic sliding doors. The flaps can be galvanized, primed, coated in colour or in stainless steel V2A, 14301. Optionally, they are also available with stainless steel cladding frames for plasterboard, timber or tiles.  

Recess flap with door closed

Recess flap with door open

Recess flap made of stainless steel V2A

Recess flap for cladding frame on timber

Door leaf and wicket door lockable incl. radio transmission

For single and double-leaf fire sliding doors, you can optionally chose hook catch or curved bolt locks with profile cylinder in the door leaf.



Hook catch lock

  • Backset 120 mm  with profile or round cylinder
  • Backset 250 mm with profile cylinder e.g. for recess flap

Curved bolt lock

  • Backset 120 mm with profile or round cylinder

A retrofit lock is also available for fitting to single-leaf and double-leaf

Compensator function

The compensator allows free positioning of the door leaf at any door position. This means the door can be open only slightly, or only halfway, for example. Ideal for a fire sliding doors that are operated several times each day. In the event of fire, button actuation or power failure, the door is closed automatically by the compensator carriage and counterweight. A radial damper for regulating the required closing speed (5 – 12 cm/s) is integrated in the compensator carriage.

Anti-collision bollards and guards 

As optional crash-protection for sliding doors, available in galvanized version, painted in RAL 1021 (Rape yellow). Post diameter 114 x 4 mm

Anti-collision bollard

  • HxW: 1000 x 114 mm
  • With bottom plate for plugging

Collision guard

  • Available in two sizes    
  • HxW: 400 x 1250 mm or 400 x 625 mm
  • With bottom plate for plugging

Smoke protection

Optionally, our sliding doors can be fitted with smoke-tight seals. These are fitted to the door leaf on four sides are supplied separately. 

Hold-open device

Acoustic and visual alarm system

In addition to the standard alarm system with acoustic signal only, an optional variant is available with visual and acoustic signal acc. to DIN EN 14600 (see illustration).


Smoke sensor

The smoke sensor is available with visual smoke detection (ORS 142) or as a thermal differential switch (TDS 247). Special versions can also be installed in cold store areas.

Additional stainless steel packages

On Tortec stainless steel sliding doors, all fitting components such as recessed handles, grip handles, attractive lever handle sets, sports hall recessed levers and three-way adjustable wicket door hinge systems are made of high-quality stainless steel V2A 1.4301. For fire sliding doors, the closing weight components are optionally also available in stainless steel V2 A 1.4301.