Advantages at a glance

1. High-quality appearance

The Tortec sliding door has a modern appearance thanks to a patented V groove at the element joint without visible screw fittings. The interlocking labyrinth plug-in profile ensures high stability. The 72 mm thin elements are flush, fully bonded and aligned by threaded rods. This creates a high-quality door leaf with parallel edges of equal width. The individual panels are up to 9 m high and are made from a single piece with no unattractive weld seams. This results in a high-quality door appearance.

2. Precise door leaf guide

The cylindrical roller and sturdy guide roller along with the patented track rail ensure an optimal balance of forces. Ball-bearing suspension ensures quiet running and easy operation. The track can be precisely adjusted in 3 dimensions using adjusting screws. The track cover panel in the same colour as the door leaf produces a harmonious overall appearance.

3. Flush stopping without guiding profile

This optional door version is an alternative to double-leaf hinged doors in construction projects, e.g. in entrance areas. The clear passage is extended, since the door in the guiding area stops flush with a stainless steel fascia on the wall, ensuring the elegant appearance is not compromised by a guiding profile. If the parking area is designed as a recess solution with recess flap, the door is practically invisible.

Safety is ensured by spring-loaded stainless steel guide bolts, intumescent foam and a double rubber seal.

4. With convenient operator solution


The combination of steel or stainless steel sliding door with the SupraMatic HT operator (patent pending) allows quick opening and closing during daily operation. Convenient operation via hand button, hand transmitter or key switch. In the event of fire, a mechanism releases the operator. The door is then closed reliably by the weights. Optionally, the SupraMatic HT operator with external control 360 can be fitted with additional features.

Detailed quality

 High-quality door construction for demanding architecture

1. Slim overall construction

  • Depth of only 132 mm
  • Minimum width for recess flaps: 160 mm to max. 360 mm (flap width)
  • Recess width: 180 mm to max. 380 mm

2. Track cover panel

  • Matches the door leaf
  • Galvanized, in RAL to choose or stainless steel
  • Easy fitting with few screw connections

3. Closing weights

  • Easy fitting and maintenance with screw-on weights
  • galvanized or stainless steel

4. Guide profile / centring device

  • Centring device for precise door positioning in the guide profile

5. Hydraulic guidance damper

  • galvanized or stainless steel
  • for single-leaf El230 fire sliding doors, integrated in the door leaf

6. Integrated track roller

  • horizontally adjustable
  • concealed in the door leaf after fitting

7. Hydraulic speed regulator

  • for continuously adjustable closing speed (0.08?–?0.2 m/s)
  • invisibly integrated in the weight box

8. Glazing in wicket door and door leaf

  • maximum glazing dimensions 500 mm × 1000 mm
  • standard glazing dimensions 465 mm × 815 mm

9. Wicket door monitoring via radio

  • Concealed radio magnetic contact in the wicket door
  • no risk of damage during operation
  • optional spiral cable and connecting socket on the end of the door leaf, with concealed cable routing in the door leaf

10. Handle and shell grips

  • in high-quality stainless steel version as standard