Areas of application


FST fire-rated and smoke-tight sliding doors

High-speed multi-purpose and fire sliding door

Versions / Functions

  • El230 fire-retarding (high-speed)
  • multi-purpose (high-speed)
  • clear passage dimension, single-leaf 800 – 2800 mm
  • clear passage dimension, double-leaf 1500 – 2850 mm
  • opening speed 40 – 100 cm/s
  • closing speed 4 – 80 cm/s
  • main and secondary closing edges safeguarded by an active infrared sensor


  • Safeguarding based on light travel time measurement
  • Operation via control panel


  • Steel
  • Stainless steel

Multi-purpose sliding doors

With track cover also suitable for outside areas.

Multi-purpose doors are supplied with a honeycomb fill as standard. External doors are optionally available with mineral wool fill, track cover and hold-open locking function. Aqua multi-purpose doors come with a water-resistant PU fill. They are available in steel and stainless steel.