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If hall sections where there is not only personnel, but also forklift and lorry traffic, should be separated from each other for fire protection purposes, then FST fire-rated and smoke-tight sliding doors are used. Depending on the version, opening dimensions of up to 12 metres width and 8.5 metres height can be closed in the event of fire by self-locking fire sliding doors.

However, numerous structural situations do not allow for the installation of fire sliding doors due to a lack of space in the parking area. In such cases, DFT-FST single-leaf hinged garage doors can be used.


With a modular design glued over the entire surface and a matching appearance to fire sliding doors, hinged garage doors are the inexpensive solution for opening dimensions of up to LDW x LDH 4x4 metres.

1. Technical data

  • Tested acc. to EN 16034-1

2. Dimensions


Width: 1625 - 4000 mm

Height:  2000 - 4000 mm


EI230 fire-retarding

Width: 1625 - 4000 mm

Height:  2000 - 4000 mm

3. Construction

72 mm thick fully bonded groove/spring elements with hold-open device and smoke sensor, magnet and anchor plate or connection to the on-site fire alarm system.

4. Frame

  • Block frame 140/75 with all-round lining groove on 3 sides
  • Flush wall fitting on one side for fitting to concrete walls

4. Hinges and overhead door closer

  • Solid two-way adjustable galvanized hinges
  • Reliable closing by tandem overhead door closer TS 4000 

5. Lock and lever handle

  • Mortice lever/knob lock with stainless steel lock cover and stainless steel  lock plate.
    Depending on the door leaf width, up to 3 additional latches can be used in the lintel area
  • As standard with short escutcheon lever handle set in plastic.
    Optionally with round rose escutcheon lever handle set or stainless steel lever handle set