Surface finishes and colours

Galvanized primed, coated in colour, or stainless steel


Surface finishes and colours

Door leaves and frames can be supplied galvanized only, or galvanized and powder-coated in RAL 9002 Grey white. Alternatively, the surface finish is also available coated in 7 preferred colours, RAL to choose, as well as special NCS colours.


Galvanized version



Stainless steel version

STS/STU doors are available in various stainless steel versions for special visual or hygiene requirements or when technical room doors are required. Depending on the function, you may choose from V2 A or V4 A stainless steel  and a surface finish.


Polished finish
The surface is first grounded to K240 grain size
and then brushed to refine and finish it.
Circular finish
This surface is characterised by radial lines.
Striped finish
Fine vertical lines result in a harmonious surface look.


Grey white (RAL 9002)


6 Preferred colours

Flame red (RAL 3000)

Anthracite grey (RAL 7016)

White aluminium (RAL 9006)

Grey aluminium (RAL 9007)

Pure white (RAL 9010)

Traffic white (RAL 9016)

All colours based on RAL.