Advantages at a glance

1. Flush and fully bonded door construction

The 62 mm door leaf of the STS/STU steel and stainless steel doors is available in a flush or thick rebate version. The flush and fully bonded composite construction significantly increases leaf rigidity and the doors close with a rich sound.

Door structure

  steel or stainless steel sheet

  fully bonded

  fire protection insert

2. Elegant system appearance in all functions

Tortec steel and stainless steel doors feature matching door construction in all functions and combinations with corner, block or profile frames.

This gives your building a harmonious appearance with high-quality details such as a flush leaf transition in double-leaf doors or a flush transition to the top part.

Thanks to the uniform door leaf thickness of 62 mm, you have a consistent door design for every function.

3. High-quality surfaces in colour or stainless steel

Stainless steel version

STS/STU doors are also available as stainless steel doors in V2 A, 1.4301, with 240 K grain and optionally V2 A matt circular textured finish and V4 A, 1.4571 stainless steel versions for use in the food or pharmaceutical industry.

Coating on request

STS/STU doors are optionally available coated in one of  7 preferred colours, RAL to choose, as well as NCS special colours.

4. Fire-rated doors fitted without mortar

The high-quality frames for the T30/EI230 and T90/EI290 steel and stainless steel STS/STU fire-rated doors are backfilled with mineral wool at the factory and so can be fitted quickly and cleanly without mortar.

This ensures clean surfaces without any soiling or damage. This is particularly advantageous for stainless steel frames or powder-coated frames, as well as for retrofitting, e.g. during renovations.

5. Uniform door leaf thickness 62 mm for all versions

Irrespective of the version, our doors have a door leaf thickness of 62 mm, be they steel or stainless steel doors, with a corner, block or profile frame. Our Tortec STS/STU doors allow for planning with the same door thickness of 62 mm. This results in a matching door construction, irrespective of the function.

Selecting a flush STS door leaf with block frame 62/55 or 62/75 results in flush-fitting on both sides.

Detailed quality

62 mm thick door leaf in flush-fitting and thick rebate version

1. Version

STS: flush

STU: thick rebate

The flush STS version is especially suited for demanding architecture. When combined with block frames 62/55 or 62/75 this results in a flush transition between the door leaf and frame on both sides.
In addition to functional areas, the thick rebate STU is recommended particularly for break-in-resistant doors (RC 2, RC 3). When combined with double rebate frames, a flush-fitting door appearance is obtained on one side.

2. Surface

Which surface finish do you prefer for door leaves and frames? Galvanized or powder-coated? Coated in RAL to choose or in a special NCS colour? Do you have high visual or hygiene requirements on your stainless steel version? We offer all of these surface finish variants! And of course you can also choose one of our seven preferred colours – especially if speed is of the essence: preferred colours are available as part of the 15-day fast-track programme.

3. Glazing

Our steel and stainless steel doors can be equipped with various glazing variants. The surface-mounted standard glazing frame has concealed screw fittings on the hinge side. The flush glazing beads are particularly attractive architecturally. All glazing beads are available in steel and stainless steel.

4. Locks

The locks on our fire-rated and smoke-tight doors also meet all the necessary requirements. As standard, the doors are equipped with a mortice lock that meets the requirements of DIN 18250: the profile cylinder lock with panic function also has a lock cover version in stainless steel. Break-in-resistant RC 3 doors are available with a multiple locking system. The fixed leaf on double-leaf doors is secured at the top or bottom with a rebate latch or rebate locking bolt depending on the function.

5. Lever handle set

As standard, our doors come with a tested fire and smoke protection door fitting which complies with DIN 18273: the round lever handle set is made of black propylene and equipped with round rose escutcheons and a securely fitted lever handle. The standard lever handle set is also available in stainless steel, or another lever handle set can be selected. Our break-in-resistant doors come with a protective fitting acc. to DIN 18257: the FS security lever/knob handle set with pull-off protection complies with break-in class ES1 or ES2 depending on whether it is fitted with a short escutcheon or long escutcheon.

6. Closing devices

Fire-rated and smoke-tight doors close automatically as standard. For single-leaf doors, the slide rail door closer HDC 35 is used as standard. Double-leaf doors are equipped with door closer TS 5000. Depending on the size, equipment, use or fitting, the doors are also available with linkage door closer, slide rail door closer with door leaf selector, or concealed and integrated door closer for an attractive appearance.
Our stainless steel doors are available with the exclusive slide rail door closer HDC 35 – on request also with stainless steel cover V2A. Alternatively, we also offer a stainless steel look: the closing element and slide rail are available in stainless steel and the slider is made of stainless steel V2A.

Exclusive slide rail door closer HDC 35

Linkage door closer

Integrated door closer ITS 96

7. Three-way adjustable hinges

STS/STU doors are primed in RAL 9002 and fitted with galvanised three-way guide rollers as standard. For an even more attractive appearance, stainless steel guide rollers and concealed hinges are available.

Optimally three-way adjustable

All hinge systems are three-way adjustable and are especially suited for fine-tuning and subsequent adjustment of the door. This lets you compensate for minor fitting tolerances.

8. Security bolts  

On fire-rated and smoke-tight doors, steel security bolts on the hinge side provide additional stability in the case of fire. Break-in-resistant doors according to DIN EN 1627 are secured on the hinge side against forced opening by up to 7 solid steel security bolts per door leaf, depending on the resistance class. Stainless steel doors come with stainless steel security bolts as standard.

9. Flush cover caps                 

For all frames, flush cover caps provide an attractive appearance. Primed frames and frames in preferred colours come with cover caps that match the frame colour. Cover caps for frames in RAL to choose are delivered in black, and for stainless steel frames they are delivered stainless steel coloured.

10. Lining groove

The steel frames for STS/STU doors are fitted with "self-adhesive" sealing profiles in the frame as standard. The special lining groove means that bonding of the seals is not necessary. This facilitates any subsequent painting or maintenance.