Areas of application

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fire-retarding, smoke-tight, acoustic-rated, break-in-resistant

Fire-rated doors and smoke-tight doors

Smoke and fire damage can have life-threatening or even fatal consequences. This makes safe equipment with fire-rated and  smoke-tight doors even more crucial. It is a good thing that you can rely on Tortec fire-rated  and smoke-tight doors that are tested and officially approved.

Acoustic-rated doors

Noise not only reduces the ability to concentrate, but can also trigger stress and result in permanent illness. This is why it is important to best insulate noise at its point of origin. With acoustic values up to 42 dB, Tortec acoustic-rated doors considerably contribute to this.

Security doors

Safety first! Tortec break-in-resistant doors have been tested and certified in accordance with European standards DIN ENV 1627 to 1630 since 1999. Double-leaf security doors with resistance class RC 3 and anti-panic function acc. to EN 1125 reliably secure your emergency exits against break-in attempts.

Multi-purpose doors

Whether for your warehouse or offices, indoors or outdoors, with or without special equipment – the large range of Hörmann multi-purpose doors complies with a multitude of requirements. For use in exterior walls, the doors are labelled according to DIN EN 14351-1.


Overview of door functions